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United States Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neal has arrived in Ghana at the start of a tour aimed at proving the effectiveness of development aid to Africa. Mr. O’Neal is accompanied by the Irish rock star Bono. Correspondents said the Treasury Secretary is known for his skepticism about giving money to poor countries saying that too often is just wasted. Bono, the founder of the rock band U2, is a longstanding campaigner for the increased aid for Africa. He says it's vital that the development choices must be made by people in their own country not bureaucrats in Washington.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has officially launched his US presidential campaign, promising to "run with heart" and "take nothing and no one for granted". Mr Bush, the son and brother of two former presidents, spoke in his hometown of Miami, Florida. Recently released campaign branding leaves behind his surname, which some see as a political liability, and polling suggests he has yet to dominate a wide field of Republican candidates.

Pakistan has welcomed reports that India's considering military and diplomatic ways of easing the tension between them over Kashmir. The information minister in Islamabad said seeing the ice has been broken, express hope they will now be able to start dialogue on all out-standing issues including Kashmir. This comes after of US envoy Richard Armitage said that India might send back some of its diplomats who withdrew from Pakistan several months ago.

Scientists in the United States say that nearly a million Americans are infected with HIV, the virus which can cause aids, but many of them do not know and are not getting treatments. At an aids conference in Seattle, experts released a new study indicating that a quarter of people with HIV in the country were not aware that they are infected or that they could infect others.

Scientists at the Texas University said they carried out world's first cloning of cat. It's a kitten called cc, the first successful product of the programme which lets people clone their favourite pets. Researcher said the 2-month-old kitten was strong at birth and appeared to be normal. But they used the so-called nuclear transfer technique applied in 1997 by the Scottish scientists when they made Dolly the sheep.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in London on Tuesday at the start of a visit to the UK, Germany and Spain, as part of an initiative by China to try to establish itself as a diplomatic as well as an economic player on the world stage. Mr Xi has been a great  traveller since he became president in 2012. He has been across Asia, South America and Africa, as well as several European countries. This trip confirms his intention of raising China's profile.

China will change its national holiday schedule to ease overcrowding on trains, flights and other transport systems, often swamped when many of the country's 1.3 billion people try to travel at the same time. The changes, announced Sunday night by China's Cabinet, will bring back three traditional one-day holidays and let workers take paid vacations at times other than officially-set breaks. Previously, the government had designated three weeks out of each year as national vacation times, when most factories and offices closed.

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